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Classical Hypnosis

Best suited for targeting specific issues or trauma resolution. Classical hypnosis bypasses your concious mind, to allow you to access key information, root causes and programming so that releasing and transformation occurs.  New, positive suggestions are given and installed and you can lead a happier, healthier, more free life. 

Most issues can be addressed within 1-3 sessions, and here are just a few examples of hypnosis services provided:

  • weight loss

  • grief/ trauma

  • sleep improvement

  • phobias

  • mood 

  • sports performance

  • stress management

  • addictions

  • pain management

  • self-confidence

  • and so much more..

First session (1h 45min+):  240.

Following session (1h15min): 160.

Classical Hypnosis Session

Quantum Healing          Hypnosis

Take a journey to explore your conciousness, and let your subconcious mind/ Higher Self guide you.  This type of session is perfect for conciousness expansion, past life exploration, uncovering blockages, gaining perspectives, and energy healing.  Meeting spirit guides and galactics is possible, as is gaining higher advice and wisdom.

Many clients enjoy these sessions on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and find that it helps them thrive and de-stress. 

Certified in 

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis)

B.Q.H. is an extraordinary healing and introspective modality, created by Candace Craw-Goldman, a student of the late Dolores Cannon, founder of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This updated method recognizes the need for sessions without the time and financial burdens of travel and is just as effective.. and more cozy, in your own home. All you need to do is relax, surrender, and be open to anything that comes to mind, as you are gently guided by my voice. I will lead you to the most appropriate time and space. 


AURA (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy)

By incorporating practices of Quantum Alchemy and Angelic energies, the success, and benefits of past-life regressions have been greatly increased. Quantum Alchemy is a term given to the practice which integrates the use of ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work. Its use creates a deeper connection to higher realms. 

If you are not able to connect to your higher self to quantum heal or if a deeper connection is needed. Archangels aid instead, getting you to that point of connection and the healing of your mind, body, and soul.

Quantum Hypnosis Session  (3-5h): 333. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

RemoTe Spirit Release

Ideal as a routine maintenance procedure, whenever you feel low in energy or mood, or for more concerning issues.   As we become more attuned to our own energy, we can sense when we feel compromised, depleted or misaligned.  This session will bring you back into harmony and balance.  While every session's results are unique, depending on what is found and fixed, most clients report (at the least) feeling lighter and happier as a result. Locations can be cleared as well. 

This service came available as a result of Remote Spirit Release training and professional certification (CPC) with Dr. Terence Palmer- author, academic, and mental health professional in the U.K.

What is checked, removed, and/or repaired?

~ any foreign energy or cords attached

~ the inner etheric body

~ the chakras

~ any contracts, spells, curses negatively impacting life

~ tears or openings in the energy field

~ negative thought forms and sub-personalities

~ energetic implants, inter-dimensional parasites

In addition, you will receive any advice brought forth from my guides, your guides, and/ or your higher self. The information will be presented to you as an audio file, A post discussion is available, if desired. 

You would not give any other information, which would potentially influence the reading.  You may include a general question to be asked of the guide. 

You will not be present, but given an approximate date and time, then notified when it has been completed. You will receive an Aftercare document that will explain the details of what is covered, a report of the work done, and an audio recording of the session. 

The traditional method of RSR is intended to be 20 minutes long, but myself and the colleague I work with spend generally 30-50 minutes on each case, delving into much detail and specifics which our clients appreciate.  The fee for the service is shared with myself and the certified facilitator,  The value of what we provide is exceptionally great compared to the fee charged. 

Remote Spirit Release Session: 144.

Remote Spirit Release Session

Group Hypnosis

Great for groups of adults that want to transform their lives. The next dates will be released shortly. Available to book for group sessions. Themes such as past life regression, confidence and productivity boost, stress management, and much more can be specified upon booking to suit your needs. 

Fee to be arranged.

Group Hypn Session
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