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About Me...

    There is a story of a girl who left her mother at a very young age.  One day, she just decided to keep walking, never returning home.  she had her own path to follow. You should know, blessings come in small packages.  She expanded with every step she took, helping all the little, and not-so little, beings on her path. "Keep walking," she heard.  "You will see much along the road you traipse. Sometimes, you will need to set down your tools and rest. You have a challenge."

   " What is it?" she asked. 

   " To see what you cannot see, to hear what you cannot hear, to taste what you cannot taste.   

   " How do I do this?"

    " Simple. By believing that you can.  Remember that which you already know.  Sweet surprises and greater possibilities await you. 

    " Who is this girl?"

    " Look in the mirror. Purge the unnecessary things out of your reality.  Go on an adventure with life!"


     Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to help and heal any beings in need on this planet.  This still holds true today. I dreamed of being a veterinarian, but soon realized I would never be able to bring a knife to the skin of another. Later, I was guided to rescue and foster animals in the shelter, then work with children in the hospital, and then the elderly in a nursing home.  Next, to Master's degree and  become a middle school teacher, where I would equally be a counselor- to those students who needed encouragement and advice, teaching them concepts I wish I had been taught in school.  Through some life lessons, I began to search for answers, and found many resources that gave me an understanding of energy, manifestation, and the infinite universe. When I met my husband, he prodded me to meditate and into the world of the metaphysical, and ignited a light, a remembrance in me. I became certified in Usui reiki, and began practicing yoga and meditation, and studying energy healing.  As spirit does, the magic of hypnosis and the work of Dolores Cannon was brought my way, and I fell in love all over again, becoming certified in B.Q.H, then the A.U.R.A. method of quantum healing. Then, my training and certification and practice with Remote Spirit Release opened my mediumship abilities and the gift of relieving people in a way that I never knew I could.  I feel truly blessed to be able to assist others in this way.  With this work, there is never a dull moment, and always stones yet to be turned to find the gems buried beneath.  I have learned so much from this process and, seeing the enrichment it brings my clients, makes my light burn even brighter.

Early on, I was drawn to Tarot cards and imaginative stories, creative artwork, and growing beautiful, big vegetable plants from tiny seeds. Growing up as a twin, I learned the joy of sharing my joy intimately with others. Not much has changed. Sharing joy and helping things grow are my purpose in life.

At this point in my life, I have three crazy kids (four if you include my husband) and several pets, but in my free time love to read up on anything metaphysical or spiritual, practice yoga, garden, meditate, channel, use my oracle cards, create art, and meet with my colleagues in hypnosis or CTT (Conscious Transformation Technique) groups, the Quantum healing Forum, and Remote Spirit Release practice, and go rock hounding for crystals.

Now you know a little about myself.  I look forward to hearing about you!

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