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"Wow!!! Just wow 👌 that  was amazing. I can't say I ever knew what RSR was and I will admit it kinda scared me, but gosh I'm intrigued, you ladies are doing the Lord's work, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I was inspired to do to tuning fork therapy and now I'm going to begin cleansing the building. Thanks for all the information about Ellie, I have been so wrapped up in my own stuff I may not have paid enough attention to her, so thank you for the reminder. Oh gosh all of the information."

"Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy, and gifts in delivering the spirit release. The morning that you performed the release, I felt a distinct shift in my being, and it all made sense after I received your email. "


"The information you channeled has been so supportive, healing, and insightful during this pivotal chapter in my life, and I can’t help but believe that its effects have been an incredibly profound factor in a few big decisions I’ve made this month! I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for over two years now, but it’s taken me time to become comfortable sharing my voice and my truth, but the time is finally ripe;  ———— the podcast, is on its way. :) "

“Wow I'm blown away. That was far more extensive and thorough healing than I thought you would do. Very interesting about the reptilian influence. Thanks for removing that. Also about the star connection. Here is something really interesting. You said there was a portal in the living room over the area rug (we do have an area rug in the middle). My wife was meditating in that room and she said her deceased brother came through the portal and they had a talk. So we were amazed at both her picking up on the portal and then your confirmation of it in the exact spot! Karen says she felt a lifting of a feeling of negativity. Also the left foot that you said was being pulled, she said that foot always felt kind of crooked but has since stopped hurting and straightened out.” - Craig, USA
"His mother is in tears. She is very happy and incredulous with the results that were immediate. Since yesterday it was already noticed that he is more calm and happy. Yesterday afternoon W already mentioned to his grandma that he was feeling like a new person. He even mentioned about wanting to look for a job. His grandma said that she felt that he was different. Note that she didn´t know about the work being done. The mother didn´t tell anyone. The grandma said that he mentioned that he was feeling very well and feeling cared for and thanking them for not giving up on him. Again neither one knew about the work. So grateful for the work you and your team has done to help W and his family." 
-D.  USA

"The audio sounded great! Thank you.  I felt lighter in my body yesterday night & and feel the same way so far this morning too. It’s so nice." - Noelle USA, 

"Thank you so much Tara, I've just listened to the recording and in fact I've felt a massive difference this week!! I'd like to thank you both for your time working on me. I've been sorting through a lot of younger year trauma so I can identify with what was said...however a lot has been identified and I can now locate the root cause, and I can feel myself moving forward now. i know I'm capable of anything I'd like to thank you, I'm grateful for the work you've done for me." 
- Jacqueline USA
"Thank you so much for your hard work. The audio was very helpful also. This was very interesting and extremely accurate. My chakras I fully expected to be in chaos following the surgery I had last August. I believe I was wide open to spirit hitchhikers and I absolutely knew I had several as for months I had no desire whatsoever to seek out my healer to get them removed. When I received your message this morning I felt like I was ready to see my healer again so I absolutely know you removed those hitchhikers from my space. I am not surprised that my throat chakra was bring messed with as I had been tasked with making an important recording and I went out of my way to avoid it which was just ridiculous. I forced myself to do some work last week and now I'm hoping I will be even more enthusiastic about getting it done. The crown chakra being very small was spot on as I believe my will made it smaller as I knew I was under attack. I basically went into spiritual preservation mode. This, however made me feel so spiritually cut off and had little to no interest in my spiritual work. I barely set foot in my workroom unless I was recording for my channel or running a meditation group. The healing sent to my lower abdomen was much needed following my surgery. I really hope I can move on from it all now as I felt very held back. Your work is incredibly important and your technique is brilliant. Keep it up!  Thank you so much!    - Jen, UK

"I wanted to give feedback on the session you did for me with Karuna, and thank you for sealing the portals, cleaning the chakras and dismissing the various entities attached to me, among other things.  I'm not surprised that you say my energy split towards a sub personality at age 19.  It was indeed as you say a (prolonged) time of great confusion 

I have felt calmer, more relaxed and optimistic since the session.One thing that has made a major difference to my happier state was the message that you relayed me from my higher self. The message that you relayed was: "HS says he is doing the right thing, and that he can move forward with confidence. There isn't anything wrong with the choices he has made  and can be assured that it will lead him in the right direction. He was having some qualms recently about some decisions that he made but he hasn't done anything wrong, nor should he fear. Take heart, all is well and he can be optimistic about his future. We can assure him of that. The higher self wants him to know." 

For the last two years I have deeply regretted emigrating, but have being unable to return because it is not what my wife wants. It has been a very trying time. The wise words from HS really settled me and made be more able to accept living here. A clairvoyant/clairaudient told me a few weeks before your session that we would return to / in a couple of years, but that I'm here for a reason and there's something I yet have to do here before I return. I was happy to receive that message but still wasn't fully accepting I had to be here.  Your message from HS convinced me and now I am accepting being here, and as I said I am feeling happier, more relaxed and accepting." - M.F., Australia

I had an amazing AURA session with Tara! She helped me release many lifetimes of trauma, pain and suffering all with the same theme of control by the toxic masculine energy. I feel like this freed me to continue on my path of healing and helping others to heal as well. Her calm and peaceful energy was essential for holding the space of love that allowed me to fall in and open up. I'd recommend Tara to anyone who needs to dive deep. Her intuition is invaluable in helping to validate what you're experiencing and the energy work is essential to help clear your field of possible infringement. I can't thank you enough, Tara! So much love to you and your beautiful soul!❤️- Tena, USA

“So yesterday morning I noticed my head, like the top of my head was so light, not heavy feeling. I don't mean anything internal but external. Think of it like a several thick books resting on top of your head that you carry with you day in and day out. You don't notice the weight of them and how heavy they are and  truly weighing you down until they are removed and how much easier it is to move around and how much lighter the top of your head feels, as almost if you are missing the top 1/4 of your head.  Also, my son's demeanor has changed for the better. I feel like our relationship has improved as well. I am loving this feeling. I wish everyone would have a RSR session done. I feel that could solve 90% of people's issues and problems they have going on in their life. What a game changer this has been for me and my boys! I plan to have a few done for my siblings!”  - Monica, TX 

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