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Message from the Stars

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Dear one, it is our pleasure to introduce ourselves, We of the Antarian collective have been ready and waiting to work with you for some time. Your history predates that of man on this planet therefore you are much wiser than you think. It is well known that this is a time of celebration on your planet because light triumphs over darkness. Peace shall come to all those who want it. Teach/Learn Learn/Teach is the way of progress. Battles took place in your history that you should be made aware of. Dolorous masses need to be awakened. Capsized ships at large that need to be rescued, benefiting all. Tell them everything we tell you and bleed this out to humanity. Purge the evil doers from the planet to assure peace prevails. Bright futures ahead before long. Don’t forget about the mother ship. Persephone glides through the skies at night dotting the darkness with her light. Look out for those in sheep's clothing Nasturtium aids in connection, bending light. Tell them we are coming to assist them. (how so?) To cloak you in a protective shield to minimize the damage to the planet; Create a bubble of light, a sheath. Great changes are happening, be ready. Teach them to remember. Safely engage them in inquiry. Tell them to remember (Remember what?) The number of times they’ve been here. They are made of love. Nothing can stop us. "Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven” . Cumulus energy prevents us from connecting easily sometimes. Sing. (Why?) To release stagnant energy. Diaphragm contracts and closes, to make way for energy to unravel, loosen. Not 100 years ago, this planet survived a threat of another war that we alleviated, almost another crisis at hand. Complexities not important. Guess who dropped the bomb? Nazi demons dashed across the country scattering like rats, until they were caught. No chance for them because they sold their soul to the devil. We came quickly, seizing the devices. Mass infusion of dopamine suppressed attack. Too late for some who already perished. Calling all angels. Christ energy is incoming, directed at you. Blatant lies are no longer able to deceive you. Be aware of new ways of being, for there are many like you who won’t put up with the old paradigm.We hope you will deliver this message. It is our honor to serve you on your journey.

Tonight's channeling, shared in love and light, 💌Tara Abele Peaceful Pathways

If you would like me to support your journey, please contact me or visit my website. I will be adding more services in the near future.


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