Consciousness Transformation Technique

Looking for something simple, yet effective?  This is an amazing introduction into the power of tapping to receive insights, clarity, remove blocks, and aid in manifestation.  The session includes a tutorial and I will lead you into self discovery. First, we will begin with a pre-talk about what your goals for your session are,then I will show you how to access the information you need. We will connect via Skype or Zoom, and the session last for approximately  40-90 minutes.  For C.T.T. you just need your own two hands to tap on the sides of your arms. You need to experience it to believe it.  It's a powerful tool that you can use forever more for your personal benefit. Many people who adopt this method create groups that meet once a week.  each person brings something they would like to tap for, and everyone taps along with them, thus amplifying the manifestation and intention to the Universe. Assistance with setting up these groups is also offered. 

C.T.T Session: $44.00 each 

                                                                 Getting Started

1) Send Full name, availability, and payment. You will immediately be placed on the schedule, and receive a confirmation e-mail with appointment time.


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