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Ideal as a routine maintenance procedure, whenever you feel low in energy or mood, or for more concerning issues.   As we become more attuned to our own energy, we can sense when we feel compromised, depleted or misaligned.  This session will bring you back into harmony and balance.  While every session's results are unique, depending on what is found and fixed, most clients report (at the least) feeling lighter and happier as a result. Locations can be cleared as well. 

This service came available as a result of Remote Spirit Release training and professional certification (CPC) with Dr. Terence Palmer- author, academic, and mental health professional in the U.K.

What is checked, removed, and/or repaired?

~ any foreign energy or cords attached

~ the inner etheric body

~ the chakras

~ any contracts, spells, curses negatively impacting life

~ tears or openings in the energy field

~ negative thought forms and sub-personalities

~ energetic implants, inter-dimensional parasites

In addition, you will receive any advice brought forth from my guides, your guides, and/ or your higher self. The information will be presented to you as an audio file, A post discussion is available, if desired. 

You would not give any other information, which would potentially influence the reading.  You may include a general question to be asked of the guide. 

You will not be present, but given an approximate date and time, then notified when it has been completed. You will receive an Aftercare document that will explain the details of what is covered, a report of the work done, and an audio recording of the session. 

The traditional method of RSR is intended to be 20 minutes long, but myself and the colleague I work with spend generally 30-60 minutes on each case, delving into much detail and specifics which our clients appreciate.  The fee for the service is shared with myself and the certified facilitator,  The value of what we provide is exceptionally great compared to the fee charged. 



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